Price and delivery charges

The prices include VAT (all taxes included) in Swiss francs, including VAT for Switzerland. At the prices indicated are added the delivery costs listed in the "basket" section of the order form. Delivery is free in Switzerland with Premium delivery in 3 working days. The delivery is now free for the countries of Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia with the Post Services. You can also choose to be delivered by UPS for 25CHF for Europe, North America, 40CHF for Middle East and Asia. For Africa, South America and the rest of the world we ship only by UPS for a fixed price of 60CHF.


The products are sent to the delivery address indicated by the customer during the ordering process.

Unless special conditions (holidays, weekends) specified at the time of order confirmation, the delivery time is 72h for Switzerland, from the confirmation of order. The delivery time is (for free delivery) 10 to 15 working days for Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. The delivery time if you choose UPS is 5 to 10 working days.

The ordered products are shipped to the delivery address you specified during the order process. Bourgeoisie can not be held responsible for any errors in the seizure of your delivery address and the consequences in terms of delay or error of delivery. In this context, all the actual costs incurred for the return will be borne by the customer.

Bourgeoisie offers a fast delivery service. Bourgeoisie can not be held responsible for non-performance of the delivery period in case of strikes, problems of postal services or delay in the distribution of postal services.

In case of late delivery of more than three days from the date we have indicated in the e-mail shipping, we suggest to check the tracking of parcels, then if necessary to report the delay in sending us an e-mail. We will then contact the Post Office to open an inquiry. An inquiry at the Post Office may last up to 21 working days from the date of its opening. If during this period the product is found, it will be sent immediately to your home. If, on the other hand, the product is not found at the end of the period of 21 working days of investigation, the Post considers the package as lost. It is only after this period that we can send you a replacement product, at our expense. If the ordered products are no longer available at this time, we will refund the amount of products concerned lost during transport.

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (expiration date expired, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken products ...) must be indicated on the delivery note in the form of "handwritten reserves", accompanied by the signature of the customer . In the case of a shipment made by the Post Office, if the package arrives open or damaged (especially with the presence of the yellow tape "La Poste") it is essential that the customer has established by the postman or post office which he depends a "report" so that Bourgeoisie Lifestyle can open an investigation and compensation procedure.

Loss or theft of the package

The Post Office offers a service called "Insurance against loss and theft", which provides a guarantee for the delivery of goods and services. mailbox (thus avoiding package theft). If you do not choose this option in the process, you can not find it in your mailbox. Therefore, it is absolutely not possible for the Post Office or for a complaint to be investigated in the case of non-receipt of the parcel, flights or deterioration of its contents. Our work is limited to the fact that we have verified that the package has been sent to the address indicated. After this step, WE DECLINE ALL RESPONSIBILITY and any claim for DETERIORATION, THEFT OR NON-RECEIPT. It is a risk that you deliberately take, knowing full well.

In case of default or error of delivery

If the product has defects, the guarantee of Bourgeoisie is limited to the return of the product, its exchange or the refund of the price, subject to the respect, by the customer, of the conditions and time indicated in the following paragraph.

If there is an error on the part of the Bourgeoisie, the order may be returned after agreement of our after-sales service. Shipping costs related to the return of the goods by Bourgeoisie.

Right of return

In Switzerland, no right of return is formally provided for in law if no defect is found; only art. 197 and seq. Of the Swiss Code of Obligations on sales contracts is applicable. Nevertheless, Bourgeoisie allows you to make certain below. Bourgeoisie must not justify the acceptance of a return. The return of merchandise is to be expected on the part of Bourgeoisie and does not give a right to a legal claim. If a return of merchandise is accepted, the customer must assume the cost of return and the delivery costs.

All scheduled returns must be returned from the date of acceptance of the return.